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Labour, Health and Safety Legal Advice Centre P. Pogłódek M. Różański S.C. was founded in 2007. The founders and partners are Przemysław Pogłódek and Maciej Różański - specialists in labour law, with extensive experience in legal advice for businesses within labour law and personnel policy.


The goal of our firm is to provide a professional and comprehensive service within labour law and social insurance law. The activity of the firm is not restricted to rendering legal services. Our activities surpass that. In order to meet market needs we introduced services in the field of personnel and remuneration matters (outsourcing of personnel and remuneration activities), health and safety, as well as fire protection. Consequently, the firm is divided into three sections:

  • legal division;
  • personnel and remuneration division;

We provide comprehensive legal advice based on experience in law and knowledge of economic background. Focusing on customer needs, which are our priorities, we always give clear recommendation and assist in its implementation.


Our employees have an in-depth knowledge of the merits and many years of experience gained in the service of businesses operating in different market sectors. We constantly improve our qualifications and skills by participating in and conducting trainings and workshops, as well as by publishing articles in professional journals. We co-operate with legal advisors, solicitors, notaries and academics employed by the University of Silesia in Katowice , as well as other universities.


The firm serves economic subjects established both domestically and abroad, mainly in Germany, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. Our services and capabilities, which go far beyond the standard offer, make us a reliable partner and trustee for the biggest corporations investing in Europe. On the other hand, our broad experience and understanding of the economic climate attracts holding companies, corporations and other companies investing in Poland. We give advice to the largest companies in core market sectors, mainly transport, oil, food, energy and gas sectors. We also serve small local businesses, which are valuable partners for us. We always make sure that the services we render are of the highest merit and ethical standards assigned to the legal profession. We belong to the group of experts of the Silesian Association of Private Employers “LEWIATAN" and we co-operate with the BCC division in Bielsko - Biała.

Przemysław Pogłódek

Przemysław Pogłódek graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Silesia in Katowice. In 2006 he graduated from doctorate law studies in the Department of Civil and Private International Law at the University of Silesia. He also finished postgraduate studies in the field of Human Resources Management and Occupational Safety and Health. He has the license of specialist in occupational health and safety. He is a court expert in settlement of working hours as well as calculating salaries and other benefits resulting from employment. Przemysław Pogłódek was employed at the State Labour Inspectorate for seven years - initially in the Section of Legal Service, then he passed the state examination for employees conducting and supervising control operations granting him the rights of a state inspector. He managed the Section of Information and Promotion of State Labour Inspectorate and he was also appointed for the position of spokesperson, which he held for four years. He has completed dozens of trainings in Polish and European labour law at the Training Centre of State Labour Inspectorate in Wrocław.

He has been an academic lecturer in labour law for twenty years. He has lectured at the University of Silesia in Katowice and WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza. He also lectures postgraduate students on labour and insurance law, HR and payroll management, occupational health and safety management, healthcare units management as well as at Executive MBA programmes. He is also a lecturer at courses preparing for counsellor and attorney apprenticeships.

Przemysław Pogłódek has for twenty years been lecturing Polish and European labour law at many reputable and well-known Polish training centres. He also conducts training activities abroad, on European labour law and working time, in different EU countries, mainly in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain. He is one of several trainers on the nationwide trainers’ list from the Training Centre of State Labour Inspectorate. He is a frequent guest on television and radio programmes, as well as the author of numerous publications and scientific studies on Polish and European labour law and civil law, in the Monitor Prawniczy, Kadry i Płace w Administracji, Wspólnota Samorządowa, Nowy Biznes, Rejent and Promotor.

He is a practitioner of extensive negotiation knowledge. He continuously takes part in a range of renowned projects connected with negotiating multi-establishment and corporate collective labour agreements, social packages, labour and remuneration regulations, takeover of plants, group redundancies and employment outsourcing. In everyday service he supports management boards and personal directors of companies operating in strategic sectors of economy, companies with foreign and Polish capital as well as State Treasury Owned companies.

Maciej Różański

Maciej Różański graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Silesia in Katowice. He also finished postgraduate studies in HR management as well as occupational safety and health management. He is an authorized safety and health specialist.


Maciej Różański is a labour law expert with many years of experience gained while holding a managerial position in legal and personnel department of a large company. He is also well experienced in providing businesses with legal advice in labour law, particularly with regard to working hours, as well as establishment and implementation of company’s internal sources of labour law (collective labour agreements, labour and remuneration regulations, agreements, social packages and procedures). Moreover, he has experience in conducting negotiations between employers, trade unions and staff councils as well as in resolving collective disputes. He helps companies in application of labour law taking into consideration their business needs. In everyday services he supports management boards and personal directors of companies operating in strategic sectors of economy, companies with foreign capital, Polish capital as well as State Treasury owned companies.


He participates in numerous legal due diligence inspections for potential investments, including privatization and takeovers. In the field of labour law he has conducted numerous legal audits for companies, managed merger projects and supervised acquisition of companies or company shares.


He is also an academic lecturer in labour law. He teaches at postgraduate studies in labour and insurance law.


He is a coach conducting workshops and trainings for employees of personal departments as well as managing staff in labour law with special focus on working time issues, responsibility of people managing employees, notices of employment contracts, mobbing and discrimination. He prepares and implements anti-mobbing procedures in companies. Maciej Różański is a labour law lecturer in many well-known and renowned Polish training centres.


He belongs to experts of Silesian Union of Private Employers LEWIATAN.

Legal division

Our firm offers a comprehensive service in the field of labour law.



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