Legal division

Our firm offers a comprehensive service in the field of labour law, which includes:

  • advice on labour law matters;
  • legal opinions on labour law matters;
  • audits on a company’s internal sources of labour law and amending them in the line with current labour law, as well as in accordance with the changing needs of employers;
  • preparing projects of internal statements of employment terms and conditions, pay regulations, collective agreements and rules of works staff welfare funds, taking each company’s characteristics into account;
  • consultation and advice on the practical application of the working time regulations, including assistance in selecting the correct working time system to comply with the needs of a particular company, which enables efficient working time management and determines financial savings;
  • assistance with creating working time schedules, as well as keeping working time records;
  • assistance with the restructuring processes: purchase, sale, takeover, privatization (takeover of the whole company or part of it by another employer - procedures regulated by Article 23 of Labour Code) – advice and issuing relevant documentation;
  • advice and assistance with the procedures of group dismissals, including issuing the relevant documentation;
  • conducting specialized audits (in accordance with the needs of the client) more
  • issuing and inspecting any personnel documentation used by the employer, including: property entrustment, non-competition agreements, documentation relating to confidentiality and business information not for disclosure;
  • consultation regarding termination of employment contracts and certificates of employment;
  • advice on compliance with legal regulations concerning legality of employment;
  • development and implementation of anti-harassment procedures;
  • advice on practice after graduation and contracts with graduates;
  • advice on employment of overseas candidates;
  • advice on employment conditions and opinions on draft contracts regulating secondment of staff to Member States of the European Union;
  • advice on minimum working conditions for employees seconded to work within the European Union;
  • advice on working time in Member States of the European Union;
  • information on the current labour law amendments and advice on adapting to the new regulations;
  • advice on the functioning of trade unions, social labour inspectorates and staff councils;
  • participation in negotiations with trade unions;
  • development of documentation required to constitute staff councils;
  • development of full personnel documentation;
  • representation for clients at court.





In accordance with our clients’ requirements the firm executes specialized audits in employment law, the range of which is dependent on specific customer needs. We offer the following types of audits:


  • reviewing whether documents the employer is obliged to issue have been developed in accordance with labour law regulations;
  • inspecting the company’s internal sources of labour law in terms of their compliance with law, as well as their attention to the needs and characteristics of a particular customer;
  • inspecting the application of working time systems, working timetables and working time records in terms of their compliance with law, as well as their attention to the needs and characteristics of a particular customer;
  • inspecting documents related to the employment process;
  • inspecting personnel files in terms of compliance with appropriate legal regulations.
  • inspecting regulations in documents containing terms and conditions of employment, in collective agreements or in announcements regarding planning, record-keeping and accounting of working time. The purpose of this audit is to determine the compliance of the existing solutions and documents with the provisions of labour law and customer business needs.
  • inspecting personnel files with regard to compliance with labour law regulations.
The scope of this audit is dependent on specific customer needs and on the main purpose of the audit. It can be conducted in connection with a planned takeover or acquisition of another company in order to determine the responsibilities and risks of the proposed transaction, as well as the necessity to take over employees under the provisions of Article 23 of Labour Code. The special audit may also be carried out if the head of personnel department position changes or in order to tackle a specific problem which is hindering the functioning of the company.


On completion of the above mentioned audits the firm recommends specific amendments or solutions where there are irregularities identified.