Personnel and remuneration division

Using the services of the personnel and remuneration division comprises many benefits, reduces costs and allows our customers to fully concentrate on the subject of their business and strategic objectives of the company. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with the relevant legal regulations on the commissioned scope of service.


Professionals employed in our personnel and remuneration division are specialists with years of experience. We provide customers with full support regarding employment matters, including keeping personnel files, working time records, records of leave, preparing payrolls and liaising with relevant authorities such as Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), tax office, PFRON.


Services within personnel matters include:

  • developing documents related to appointing and terminating employment in accordance with the relevant provisions of labour law;
  • keeping employees’ personnel files in accordance with applicable legal regulations;
  • keeping all records related to leave, including establishing entitlement to leave;
  • issuing the necessary documentation relating to employment;
  • keeping and updating employees’ medical records and monitoring health and safety training;
  • keeping working time records and accounting of working time;
  • keeping records of employees’ personal data for social insurance purposes, checking employees in and out of the social insurance service;
  • supervising employment under civil law contracts (contracts of mandate, contracts to perform a specified task or work);
  • assisting in personnel problems.

Services within remuneration matters include:

  • developing payrolls on the basis of a company’s internal sources of labour law and employment contracts;
  • keeping remuneration records for each employee;
  • preparing payrolls under civil law contracts;
  • issuing social insurance forms RMUA for each employee;
  • issuing account statements and transferring them to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • issuing income tax declarations – PIT - 4R;
  • issuing annual income declarations - PIT - 11;
  • issuing annual tax declarations - PIT - 40;
  • preparing information on earnings for workers who solicit pension or disability pension and in order to determine the initial capital;
  • issuing certificates of employment and earnings.

Benefits for our customers:

  • professional, efficient and high quality services;
  • extensive knowledge and experience of our specialists;
  • cost reduction, including:
    • reducing the cost of creating and maintaining jobs for those dealing with personnel and remuneration matters, as well as reducing the office space needed;
    • avoiding risks in staff recruitment and the cost of their employment;
    • reducing expenditure on staff training, purchase of professional literature, hardware and software;
    • avoiding cost associated with employees’ absence from work (leave, sick leave);
    • avoiding cost related to systematic personnel training.
  • access to expertise in personnel and remuneration matters - quick response from our specialists to all queries related to the applicable regulations;
  • access to the latest regulations and labour law amendments;
  • no need to monitor frequent amendments in legislation;
  • certainty about the correct interpretation of legal regulations;
  • increased confidentiality and security of personal data by limiting the number of people entitled to inspect them;
  • no risk associated with the rotation of personnel and remuneration department employees, as well as with the negative consequences of unforeseen staff absence;
  • access to the latest personnel and remuneration solutions and systems;
  • focus on strategic objectives and core business;
  • certainty that the applicable legal regulations are being duly followed.